Upscale Sober Living Homes
and Addiction Treatment

Beverly Hills
West Los Angeles
Southern California


At Revolution Recovery Residences we believe that by catering to the individual, providing a beautiful sober living home and offering expanded addiction recovery services, we are helping clients (and families) to build a better lifestyle, designed for lasting sobriety – there is nothing more important than your recovery!


Besides traditional 12-step and non 12-step programs, Revolution Recovery Residences connects with various Los Angeles area intensive outpatient drug & alcohol treatment programs (IOP) in order to provide additional mental health and substance abuse rehab services for those needing higher care.


Dedicated and committed to providing support & structure for lasting sobriety, Revolution Recovery Residences ensures that there are two trained staff members in each sober living home as well as a rotating day and evening shift of case managers with a maximum load of four clients…only the best at RRR!

Sober Living for Men

Revolution Recovery Residences provides distinctive addiction treatment services especially for men. Your recovery is first and foremost and so we offer you an environment that allows you to focus on just that. The ability to communicate freely among those who are going through what you are and to forge healthy connections to inspire and maintain your sobriety.

Our high end sober living homes for men are filled with all the amenities you would expect at home, located in upscale West Los Angeles neighborhoods. Our on-site managers are there 24/7 to provide the support and structure you need in a beautiful and drug and alcohol free environment.

Men's Sober Living Homes in West Los Angeles, California
Women's Sober Living Home in Los Angeles California

Sober Living for Women

Revolution Recovery Residences provides a safe and comfortable space for women in addiction recovery. We know how difficult the recovery process can be, so we designed our sober living home for women especially with you in mind. We strive to cater to the unique emotional and physical needs of women in recovery so that you can focus on your sobriety.

Our high end sober living home for women is located in an upscale Los Angeles neighborhood, conveniently situated near shopping, dining and transportation. We strive to make you feel right at home in our luxurious yet comfortable environment, offering all the amenities you’ve come to expect. Our dedicated staff is on site 24/7 providing the support and structure to facilitate a successful recovery.

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